The Customer Service Center in XiangYa Hospital Central South University was founded in October 2010. The Customer Service Center is in charge of non-medical services: pre-hospital health care consultation; developing hospital-patients relationship management; human service planning and supervision of clinical support service. In addition, the Customer Service Center also provides the post hospitalize extensional services, including tracking follow-up, satisfaction feedbacks and evaluation of the Hospital.
  • Vision: seeking medical care, getting recover early in XiangYa, and to build XiangYa customer service mode
  • Mission: we strive to exceed our patients’ expectations for comfort and convenience
  • Value: patient-centered;team work;professionalism

Our operating pragrams
1. Third party inpatient / outpatient / emergency patient satisfaction survey
2. Clinical support services supervision
3. Xiangya 12320 calling center operation
4. Hospitalized human services: free haircuts, micro public services, free lockers, free rent umbrellas, test sheets mailing, birthday / festival greetings, comfort oasis
5. Two-way referral service
6. Convenience desk: offer consultation and guidance services
7. Xiangya volunteer station
8. Free interpretation service for Foreign patient
9. Greeting Messages to the discharged patients
10. Interactive platform: Online forum, Twitter, WeChat
11. Clinic guidance brochure
12. Medical social service in hospital

We are collaborative, respectful and compassionate to offer considerate services and wish you recover soon.

Online Forum:
WeChat:  湘雅医院病友服务中心

           Notification for International Patient


       To offer high-quality care services for foreign patients, the Customer Service Center is offering translation services.

       Service Location: Reception desk (in the middle of the lobby )

       Service Target: The foreign English-speaking patients who have language barrier

       Service Hours: Mon-Fri:



Services: Procedure instructions

        Accompanied clinical service if necessary

        Specialists information

        Other guidance

       Contact us: 0731-89753991

       Register Procedures:

       If it is your first visit:

       1.Make an on-site appointment

       2.Pay registration fee (get a medical card and a medical record book)

       3.Get in line

       4.See a doctor

       5.Pay medical fees

       6.Pay your medicine

       7.Print invoice