Xu Pingsheng - Associate Director
2014/4/29 9:39:07
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Xu Pingsheng, associate professor, 1st level associate director pharmacists, master supervisor, executive director of OGCP of Xiangya Hospital Central South University, associate director of Phase I Clinical Trial Center at Xiangya Hospital Central South University.


He is a member of Drug Clinical Trial Committee of Chinese Pharmacological Society, an expert of Hunan Comprehensive Evaluation Committee as well as Changsha Pharmaceutical Production Safety and Credit Evaluation Committee, a new drug review expert and GCP inspector of Hunan Food and Drug Administration.


He focuses on clinical research of new drugs, medicinal chemistry of natural products and new drug formulations. He has undertaken 1 New Drug Funding Project funded by the State Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 3 projects supported by the Hunan Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also participated in 1 National Five-Year New Drug Innovation Project and more than 10 Provincial Scientific Research Projects. He is a well-known expert in the field of traditional Chinese medicine modernization.


In recent years, he has accomplished more than 20 phase I clinical trials as a principal investigator. Owning to his leadership, the Phase I Clinical Trial Center at Xiangya Hospital has accomplished phase I clinical trials with strict compliance to relative laws, regulations and technical guidance. Their excellent credit of data reliability and scientific reasonability of experimental design has won a high reputation among pharmaceutical companies, drug safety management departments and peer reviewers.

To date, he has published more than 60 academic papers, won 1 national invention patent, 1 second prize of Hunan Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize of Hunan Agriculture Science and Technology Award and 2 third prizes of Hunan Scientific and Technological Progress Award.



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