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Yan Fuqing - Founder of Xiangya Medical College
2014/4/28 9:54:04
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Dr. Yan Fuqing, Founder of Xiangya Medical College



Yan Fuqing, M.D., born in Shanghai, China, was a renowned medical scientist and medical educator. He graduated from Saint John"s University (Shanghai) in 1904 with a bachelor’s degree and gained his doctoral degree from the School of Medicine at Yale University in 1909. Dr. Yan Fuqing was sent to Changsha in 1910 as colleague of Dr. Edward H. Hume at Yali Hospital (predecessor of Xiangya Hospital). Both of them were considered as the founders of Xiangya system. In 1914, Xiangya Medical College was co-founded by Yale-in-China Association and Hunan Provincial Government; and Dr. Yan was the first dean of Xiangya Medical College (1914-1927). He also served as the acting president of Xiangya Hospital during Dr. Hume’s absence to the U.S.. In 1927, Dr. Yan established the School of Medicine, the Fourth Zhongshan University (now School of Medicine, Fudan University) in Shanghai and served as the first dean of the school. He was also the first chairman of the Chinese Medical Association.