Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Skull Base Surgery
2014/4/7 16:35:18
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The Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Skull Base Surgery, bimonthly; ISSN:1007-1520, CN43-1241/R;approval number of National Scievce commttee:[1994] 239)was published since July 1995,supervized by Ministry of Education of China, sponsored by Central South University, and execrted by Xiangya Hospital. The journal is openly distributed both at home and abroad. The post order code is 42-171;each issue has92 pages, takes size 16 folio edition, and sells for ¥ 12.

Prof  YQ  Tian and prof  JY  Xiao are Editors-in-chief, and the Editorial Boad Members includes 100 scholars distributed throughout the 23 provinces-autonomic regions as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan province. At present, CJOSS is the only academic journal which reports, reflects transmits, and exchanges the clinical research achievements, advances in basin and clinical knowledge with characteristic of high pracfical value. Articles published are divided into various categories: basic and clinical researches, techniques and methods modifications, special notes, case repores, reviews, etc.

The CJOSS faces a large number of  otolaryngologists and newrosurgeons and provides them a friendly plateform for communication between readers and authors. The published materials introduce current advances, and academic view points and prospect. The editors hope that the journal will be useful for them in respect of their research, continuous learning and clinical practice.

The CJOSS has been included by USA “Cambridge Scientific Abstracts: Biological Sciences” ; American  "CSA:Calcium and Calcified Tissue Abstracts”; statistical source China technology journal;  Science core period  of chinese journal; China scientific and technical papers and Citations Database (CSTPCD); Wan party China digital periodicals; Academic journals (CD); Chinese journal full text data base (CJFD) ;  Chinese Journal Net (CNKI); Comprehensive evaluation of academic journals Chinese database (CAJED); Literature database Chinese Bio Medical Journals (CMCC); Chinese technology data directory - medical and health; Chinese scientific journal database (SWIC)  and other database.



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