A Major Bioethics Program Co-hosted by Central South University and Yale University Is Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
2017/6/8 15:45:33
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Good news came from Yale University today that the major international cooperation program "Masters Level Bioethics Program at Central South University in Changsha, China" co-hosted by Professor Tian Yongquan, Xiangya Hospital Central South University and Professor Kaveh Khoshnood, Yale School of Public Health was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). With a budget duration of 5 years (2017.06.01-2022.05.31) and a total funding of $1,200,000, this program aims to develop an international, sustainable and interdisciplinary Master’s program and short-term certification and training programs in Bioethics, establish an integrated human research protection system and set up a specialized training institution at the Center for Medical Ethics Central South University.

This program is funded on the basis of another program co-hosted by Professor Tian and Professor Kaveh Khoshnood - "Research Ethics Training and Curriculum Development Program with China" (2011-2016, a total funding of $1,200,000). During the first five years, thanks to the program, the Center for Medical Ethics at Central South University was established, an international bioethics curriculum for medical students at graduate level was set up with the help of resources of Yale University, a group of scholars able to undertake education and training of bioethics were trained, intensive courses and workshops on bioethics were held at Xiangya, AAHRPP accreditation was earned by the Third Xiangya Hospital Central South University and ethics committees with world standard were built up in Xiangya School of Public Health and Xiangya School of Nursing Central South University.

This rolling return marks another major breakthrough of international cooperation in the field of bioethics at Central South University. This program will further create an international exchange platform for systematic and integrated training of bioethics scholars and construction of bioethics committees, further promote the cooperation between Yale University and Central South University and boost the interdisciplinary development of clinical medicine and bioethics.



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