Chinese, African, and American experts gather at Xiangya for patient safety management seminar
2019/3/15 17:23:45
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Xiangya Hospital’s International Seminar on Patient Safety Management opened on March 12, supported by funding from the “Global Collaboration to Improve Patient Safety Management in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe”, a China Medical Board-funded program carried out by Central South University (CSU).Echoing China’s proposal for a Health Silk Road, the seminar is designed to strengthen international multilateral cooperation and exchange and improve the patient safety management skills of medical personnel and managers. 

Among the distinguished guests at the seminar’s opening ceremony were Anthony A. Sandi, deputy minister of Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation; Chen Xiang, vice president of CSU; Tian Hongping, associate director of Global Affairs at Rory Meyers College of Nursing, New York University; Zhang Liming, associate medical director of International Services, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC); Tang Lingzhi, director of the International Exchange Center of the Health Commission of Hunan Province; Lei Guanghua, president of Xiangya Hospital; Wu Xiaochuang, vice president of Xiangya School of Medicine; Chris Nistor, manager of China Operations at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center(UMPC; and Li Xuejun, director of Xiangya’s Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. Medical personnel and managers from various major hospitals in China attended the seminar, as well as international students from Sierra Leone. The opening ceremony was hosted by Xiao Shuiyuan, director of the CSU Center for Global Health. 

The purpose of this seminar is to train and improve the patient safety management skills of young Chinese scholars through cooperation among Chinese, African, and American experts. Four to six of these scholars will be selected as Global Health Fellows to travel to Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, where they will evaluate the patient safety conditions at local hospitals. They will then provide patient safety assessment reports and improvement plans to local health authorities and hospitals, thereby advancing patient safety management in Africa.

Chen Xiang stated that patient safety is the cornerstone of the health service system as well as a critical global health issue. He expressed the hope that this seminar would help nurture a group of young Chinese scholars who have international perspectives and in-depth practical experience in the field of patient safety management. By allowing these scholars to grasp the essence of patient safety management, the seminar will promote the application of Chinese patient safety management models to help developing countries in Africa and other regions improve their level of patient safety management. 

Tang Lingzhi noted that Hunan Province has maintained friendly cooperation with Africa for nearly 45 years. Xiangya Hospital and other organizations have sent experts to Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe on multiple occasions to conduct medical assistance work and share China’s advanced hospital management philosophies and medical technologies and techniques. 
He said that this seminar serves as the first step of international cooperation and exchange in the area of patient safety management, and he would like to see broader and deeper cooperation and exchange in healthcare among different schools, hospitals, regions, and countries. 

Sierra Leone Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation Anthony A. Sandi explained that many African countries face health challenges such as inadequate health management and lack of medical intervention. In Sierra Leone, there is a severe shortage of healthcare workers, an insufficient supply of medical services, and weakness in public health authorities’ management and service systems, among other issues. Sandi thanked Xiangya Hospital for its many years of support in driving the development of the healthcare industry in Sierra Leone. He said that he hopes both sides would take this seminar as an opportunity to further deepen the cooperation and exchange between Xiangya and Sierra Leone, promoting the overall development of medical services in Sierra Leone.

The next few days of the seminar will feature a number of guests, including Chen Lei from Yale University; Lloyd A. Goldsamt, Linda Herrmann, and Mary Brennan from New York University; Zhang Liming and Chris Nistor from UPMC; and experts from Xiangya Hospital. They will share their opinions, suggestions, and experiences regarding patient safety management in different countries with the scholars attending the seminar, discussing topics such as patient safety concepts and management methods, quality control in medical care and nursing, hospital infection, drug safety management, and operating room safety. 

Following a visit to Xiangya Hospital by Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio, Health and Sanitation Minister Dr. Alpha Wurrie, and other Sierra Leonean officials, Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister Anthony A. Sandi was invited on March 11 to visit the hospital, where he received a warm welcome from Party Secretary Zhang Xin as well as Li Xuejun, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. 

Zhang explained that international cooperation and exchange has been important throughout Xiangya Hospital’s more than 100 years of development. Xiangya has always worked closely with developing countries such as Sierra Leone. For example, it has sent a medical team to Sierra Leone to fight against the Ebola epidemic and no team members were infected in the end, and a well-established team there to provide medical aid, and undertaken a project to renovate the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital. 

Zhang said he hopes both sides would take the cooperation and exchange to the next level, thereby promoting common development between Xiangya and African countries.



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