The Team of Prof. Xie Hui Publishes the Groundbreaking Research Result of Angstrom-scale Silver Anti-cancer Therapy on Advanced Functional Materials for the First Time
2019/3/2 16:40:07
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The research team of Prof. Xie Hui, Director of the Movement System Injury and Repair Research Center of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University and the Xiangya Hospital CSU - Amcan Medical Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Joint Research Center, published an online article entitled "Angstrom-scale Silver Particles as a Promising Agent for Low-toxicity Broad-spectrum Potent Anti-cancer Therapy" (Full Paper) about a groundbreaking research result in Angstrom-scale (1 nanometer = 10 angstrom) material and its medical application on the world’s top materials science journal Advanced Functional Materials (IF=13.325, JCR Section 1, Nature Index journal) on February 27, 2019 and publicized the broad-spectrum anti-cancer properties and the high tolerance of body to angstrom-scale silver (no obvious side effects) for the first time in the world.

Post-doctoral fellow Wang Zhenxing and doctoral student Chen Chunyua from the Movement System Injury and Repair Research Center and associate researcher Wang Yang from the Dept. of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine are the co-first authors; and Prof. Xie Hui is the sole corresponding author. Xiangya Hospital of Central South University is the sole affiliation of the first and corresponding authors of the paper.

The team of the Xiangya Hospital CSU – Amcan Joint Research Center independently developed an automatic "metallic vapor-condensation" device based on physical high temperature and high pressure gasification to produce angstrom-scale materials. Wrapped in fructose, angstrom-scale silver can disperse in water in a stable manner and be made into angstrom-scale silver injection. Cell and animal experiments have indicated that the angstrom-scale silver injection can kill a variety of tumors including lung cancer and pancreatic cancer but exerts no toxic or side effects on normal tissues. The team of Prof. Xie Hui continues studying the inner mechanism of angstrom-scale silver anti-cancer effects and the metabolism, short- and long-term residual of angstrom-scale silver in body, as they delves into the material’s long-term effects on normal tissues and organs.

Xiangya Hospital CSU – Amcan Joint Research Center has applied for Chinese, US and EU patents for invention of the angstrom-scale silver producing equipment and technology as well as the anti-cancer angstrom-scale silver injection.

The team of Prof. Xie Hui has been devoted to the study of the pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment of metabolic bone disease, aging and regeneration, and tumors.

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