New Year Greetings from Xiangya Hospital, Central South University
2018/12/31 20:15:04
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To: international partners and friends, overseas alumni

Greetings from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University!

The year of 2018 witnessed sound development of Xiangya Hospital. The clinical care volume and efficiency have been growing steadily, with improved quality and safety. The hospital received multiple national-level honors and awards for excellent clinical services such as the “Most Satisfactory Medical Institution in 2018”. For the sixth time since 2012, Xiangya students won the first place in the National Clinical Skills Competition for Medical Students. The hospital won a second prize of National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, and ranked the third in the number of outstanding international sci-tech papers and international co-authored papers with Xiangya staff as the first author. Over 100 research projects were funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for two consecutive years, ranking among the Top 5 among all Chinese hospitals. A series of management reforms have been taking place, winning the hospital the Gold Award of China Hospital Management Award.

Currently, we have set the strategic goal of “becoming a world’s first-class hospital with a world’s first-class discipline of Clinical Medicine”, and international exchange and cooperation has been identified as one of the top priorities of our future work.

At the threshold of 2019, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support for Xiangya Hospital in the past year, and we look forward to deeper and more extensive exchange and cooperation with you and your prestigious institution in the year to come.

Wish you and your family best of the luck and a very happy New Year!
Xin Zhang, MD, PhD                                                          Guanghua Lei, MD, PhD
Secretary of the CPC Committee                                          President



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