Ms. Fawn Wang, Director of East Asia at Yale Office of International Affairs, Visits Xiangya Hospital
2018/12/14 22:38:01
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From December 12 to 14, Ms. Fawn Wang, Director of East Asia at the Office of International Affairs, Yale University, was on a visit to Xiangya Hospital, Central South University. She was warmly welcomed by Party Secretary Zhang Xin of Xiangya Hospital, President Lei Guanghua, and Director Li Xuejun of the International Affairs Office.

A cooperation discussion meeting was held on the morning of December 14. The two sides had an intensive discussion over the cooperation between Yale University and the Xiangya system.

According to Party Secretary Zhang Xin, the Xiangya System of Central South University and Yale University have cooperated in many programs including a bioethics program, a joint training program for 8-year medical students, a clinical internship program for 5-year medical students, a resident training program, and professors’ joint research programs, which are very fruitful. Meanwhile, the two universities are discussing over potential cooperation programs including a global health summer course, an MD/MPH joint degree program for 8-year medical students and a healthcare leadership training program for hospital department chiefs.

President Lei Guanghua said Xiangya Hospital would forge ahead to reach the primary goals of becoming "a worlds first-class hospital with worlds first-class disciplines" at present and for a period of time in the future in the context of the Double First-Rate Initiative of Central South University. As international exchange and cooperation are essential to a hospitals development, he expected that the advantageous disciplines of Xiangya Hospital and Yale University will be closely linked and their cooperation will further expand deeply and widely to promote the hospitals disciplinary development and technological innovation and make a contribution to the effort of the Double First-Rate Initiative.

Director Bai Yi of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges at Central South University attended the meeting at invitation and stressed that Xiangya Hospital, as a fruit of China-US cooperation, carries the same heritage as Yale University since its establishment. He hoped that Ms. Fawn Wang would help further enhance the official cooperation between Xiangya system and Yale University.

Ms. Fawn Wang said that she visited Xiangya in 2009 and was marveled by its achievements and progress achieved in recent years during this visit. She was also glad to know that many joint projects of Xiangya and Yale are smoothly proceeding and anticipated that she could make a contribution to the success of more joint projects.

During the visit, Ms. Fawn Wang also met with Director Wu Xianghua, Deputy Director Zheng Jie and Hu Yuxi of Central South University Press, Director Tang Yan of the Party Committee Office of Xiangya Hospital, and Director Zu Xiongbing of Xiangya Medical Periodical Press and reached a cooperative intention. She also visited the old Red Building, the Outpatient Department, and the International Medical Center of Xiangya Hospital.

Profile of Ms. Fawn Wang:

Fawn Wang took the office of assistant secretary of Yale University in 2003 and then the office of director for East Asia at Yale Office of International Affairs. During the decade of her tenure as the assistant secretary, Fawn Wang helped plan and implement Yale Universitys China-based international strategic development programs, high-level seminars on different subjects since 2004, and history-making events including then President Hu Jintaos visit to Yale in 2006, the visit of a 100-people Yale delegation to China in 2007, the visit of then State Councilor Liu Yandong of China to Yale in 2009, the visit of Yale graduate student delegation (50 people) to China in 2010 and more than 20 visits to China of former Yale president Richard C. Levin. Fawn Wang is active in promoting the extensive exchanges and cooperation between Yale professors and departments and their Chinese counterparts. Her contribution to Yale University has been widely appreciated and she is called "the ambassador of Yale" by President Levin.



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