The International Exchange of the Teaching and Research Section of Diagnostics of Internal Medicine at Xiangya Hospital Comes to an End
2018/10/27 14:47:45
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From October 23 to 27, the Teaching and Research Section of Diagnostics of Internal Medicine at Xiangya Hospital held a series of international exchange activities and invited Prof. Mark Swartz, president of C3NY - Clinical Competence Center of New York and a world-famous diagnostic expert, again to the hospital for academic exchange. Meanwhile, Prof. Wang Bo, President of Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association and an expert of internal medicine conducted some teaching activities.

The series of international teaching exchange included 3 teaching rounds, 1 "Teachers Opening Day" for face-to-face communication with students, 2 academic lectures, 1 physical examination demonstration and the Teaching Competition for Students of Internal Medicine.The teaching rounds proceeded at the Dept. of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dept. of Gastroenterology and Dept. of Endocrinology in the pattern of "students reporting the cases -- Prof. Swartz leading students to check the patients -- discussion and summarization". During the rounds, Prof. Swartz centered on patients and humanistic care, logically correlated the pathogenesis of diseases, pathological and physiological changes, symptoms, signs and auxiliary examinations, raised questions step by step, encouraged divergent thinking and instructed students to develop their own clinical thinking. At last, he offered two sessions of enlightening clinical teaching for the residency trainees and undergraduate students who took part in the rounds.Xia Ke, a teacher of cardiovascular medicine, said, "The rounds are unforgettable to many clinicians because they felt as if they were swimming freely in the sea of professional knowledge."

At the invitation of the Dept. of Educational Affairs of Xiangya Hospital, Prof. Swartz gave a lecture entitled "Get to know Mark Swartz M.D." at the monthly Teacher Opening Day. It was the first time for the professor to talk about his own life to audiences.When recounting the effort to found the biggest clinical competence center in America, Prof. Swartz moved everyone with his spirit of daring to be the first despite setbacks. In the end, he advised the present students and faculty to have a dream, keep fighting and hang on even after many failures.

On the evening of October 24, Prof. Swartz gave an academic lecture entitled "Providing Constructive Feedback", pointing out some differences between Chinese and American medical education. He asserted that giving learning feedback to students in teaching is an important part of high-quality teaching because this can help them get deeper understanding and make a summary. Based on the reality at Xiangya Hospital, he gave a suggestion on the direction of its future clinical teaching improvement. Then Prof. Swartz demonstrated a part of the American standard physical examination to students. While checking the body, he also explicated the inner link between various possible positive signs and diseases from the perspectives of basics, anatomy, physiology and pathology. This further broadened students’ clinical thinking.

The Teaching Competition for Students of Internal Medicine is one of the traditional activities of Xiangya Hospital. This time, Prof. Mark Swartz and Prof. Wang Bo acted as the reviewing experts. Prof. Jin Yisu from the Undergraduate School of Central South University, Director Peng Shifang of the Human Resources Department of Xiangya Hospital, Director Li Xiaogang of Emergency Dept., Director Peng Jie of Residency Training Office, Director Wu Jing, Deputy Director Xu Meihua and Prof. Chen Xiaobin of the Teaching and Research Sector of Internal Medicine were the judges. Students from the 5-year program of clinical medicine and stomatology 2015 and the 8-year program 2014 competed and gave vivid presentations of various clinical diseases with slide shows. Four groups of students lectured in English and impressed Prof. Swartz with their English fluency.The competition fully displayed the world-class competence of the new-generation students of Xiangya. Its 2-hour WeChat webcast was viewed online by more than 30,000 audiences.

The hospitals young teachers of internal medicine were the interpreters of the activities. They said that the opportunity to take part in one of the worlds top teaching event was of great help for the improvement of their clinical thinking, teaching and professional English. The event also drew the attention of peers from medical schools across China and received their positive comments. Nearly 20 teachers from Guangxi Medical University, Guizhou Medical University, Yangtze University Health Science Center and Changsha Medical University viewed the activities and said that they were deeply affected by the prowess and culture of Xiangya Hospital, found their drawbacks and gap with it and would strive to improve with self-motivation.

Director Wu Jing, Prof. Marks cooperative PI and Director of the Teaching and Research Section of Internal Medicine, said the Teaching and Research Section of Diagnostics of Internal Medicine actively responds to the “Double First-Class” Initiative (first-class university and first-class disciplines) of Central South University and invites world-famous experts and outstanding overseas alumni of Xiangya to be lecture professors and visiting professors, in order to advance the teaching of the hospital. In the next few years, the Teaching and Research Section will invite Prof. Swartz to the hospital to offer guidance and conduct exchange and other overseas experts to guide English rounds and relevant teaching activities. With a series of exchange activities, the teaching of internal medicine at Xiangya Hospital will be better!



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