U.S. and China Perspectives in Bioethics, Law, and Philosophy is Held at Xiangya Hospital, CSU
2018/1/8 17:56:40
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On January 8, 2018, the U.S. and China Perspectives in Bioethics, Law, and Philosophy jointly sponsored by Xiangya Hospital, CSU, and Center for Medical Ethics, CSU, was held in the Academic Lecture Hall of Xiangya Hospital. Well-known experts in public health, medical ethics, law and other disciplines at home and abroad gathered and had in-depth discussions about hot issues in bioethics, law, and philosophy.

U.S. and China Perspectives in Bioethics, Law, and Philosophy Held at Xiangya Hospital, CSU

Vice Chancellor Chen Xiang Speaking 

Prof. Cong Yali Speaking 

Prof. Tian Yongquan Speaking

Prof. Kaveh Khoshnood Speaking 

Party Secretary Xiao Ping Speaking

Prof. Zhang Xin Presiding over the Opening Ceremony

Group Photo of Participating Leaders and Experts

Vice Chancellor of Central South University Chen Xiang and Party Secretary of Xiangya Hospital Xiao Ping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Prof. Zhang Xin, Director of the Department of Hospital Administration, Central South University, presided over the opening ceremony. More than 300 experts from Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University, Clarkson University, Yale-China Association, Peking University, Guangzhou Medical University, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Central South University and other well-known colleges and universities attended the forum. The forum was funded by the major international cooperation program, Masters Level Bioethics Program at Central South University in Changsha, China, jointly presided over by Prof. Tian Yongquan of Xiangya Hospital, CSU, and Prof. Kaveh Khoshnood of Yale School of Public Health.

Prof. Chen Xiang said he hoped to train a group of leading medical ethics talents with international vision and profound clinical experience through this program. Deepening the reform of medical education and cultivating medical talents has always been the talent training objectives of Central South University. This forum truly realized the multidisciplinary crossover and integration. He hoped all experts present could have in-depth exchanges and realize the leap and promotion of ideas.

Xiao Ping, Party Secretary of Xiangya Hospital, said that Xiangya Hospital has attached great importance to the development of medical ethics, and regarded medical humanities as a core component of hospital development. Nowadays, with the rapid development of medical science, medical ethics issues are being deeply concerned by people from all walks of life, and related personnel training has also become an urgent demand for the times and industry. It’s hoped that the forum will provide a platform for Chinese and American experts to conduct extensive, in-depth and fruitful exchanges.

Prof. Kaveh Khoshnood, American head of the NIH program, introduced the achievements and prospects of the program. He said that in the first five years, this program helped Central South University set up an international medical ethics research center. With the help of Yale University’s resources, Central South University established an international ethics curriculum suitable for medical postgraduates and trained a group of scholars capable of undertaking education and training in bioethics. It’s hoped that the new program will train more talents for the Chinese government, medical institutions and academic institutions.

Prof. Tian Yongquan, Chinese head of the NIH program, said that the new program was aimed at establishing an international, sustainable and interdisciplinary education mechanism for masters in bioethics and short-term bioethics training mode for Central South University. The discipline of bioethics at CSU has achieved preliminary results and won the recognition of domestic and international peers. In addition, it will achieve further development in the next few years, come to be in line with the international first-class colleges and universities. It will also contribute more to the development of bioethics discipline in China and the training of bioethics talents with international vision.

Prof. Cong Yali of Peking University Health Science Center, Chair-Designate of Chinese Association of Medical Ethics, said that the basic problems of bioethics and their solutions have been consistent in Hippocratic Oath and Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium. They are worthy of in-depth study of academic researchers and managers in the related fields. She hoped that in the future, Chinese Association of Medical Ethics could interact and communicate more closely with Central South University and that medical humanities and medical education of Central South University could achieve better development in the internationalization background. 

Experts Lecturing; Panel Discussions

The forum is themed with science and morality, bioethics and law, teaching bioethics effectively, and issues in clinical and research ethics. The purpose of this forum is to provide a good communication platform for Chinese and American experts and scholars. During the forum, delegates conducted in-depth analysis and discussions on related topics. The forum has opened a new chapter for more extensive and in-depth cooperation in bioethics between China and the United States.

Group Photo of Participants



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