Experts from UCSF School of Nursing Visit Xiangya Hospital
2018/1/4 22:40:09
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On the afternoon of January 4, Professor & Associate Dean Catherine Waters and Prof. Jyu-Lin Chen from School of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) visited Xiangya Hospital, Central South University and were greeted by Director Li Yinglan, Deputy Director He Lianxiang and Deputy Director Wang Shuhong from the hospital’s Nursing Department. 

At the symposium on cardiovascular nursing, Director Li Yinglan summarized Xiangya Hospital’s nursing and development in specific care. Prof. Catherine Waters lectured about "Protecting mechanism of sports in cardiovascular disease" and shared the training and development of specific nursing in the USA. She also discussed with nurses in Xiangya Hospital’s cardiovascular ward over remote monitoring on arrhythmia patients, postoperative cardiac rehabilitation, influence of Evidence-Based Guideline for the Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults on China, diplocardia care of cardiovascular disease in the USA, intervention of aerobatic exercise on metabolic syndrome, community nurses’ screening for groups at high risk of cardiovascular disease, administration on electrocardiograph monitoring alert, etc. Afterwards, Prof. Catherine Waters was showed around the Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic and Ward 24 of Cardiovascular Department of Xiangya Hospital. 

In Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic, Director Liu Suixin and her team introduced to Prof. Catherine Waters the basic information about the department, people they serve, and concrete workflow of cardiac rehabilitation, and gave a special mention to "Xiangya Cardiac Rehabilitation Mode" initiated by the hospital. Prof. Catherine Waters appreciated the "Cardiotonic and Rehabilitative Resistance Band Exercise" designed by Director Liu Suixin’s team. 

Head nurse Deng Guiyuan of Ward 24 expounded the administration mode of the cardiovascular ward to Prof. Catherine Waters. In addition, Prof. Catherine Waters got to know details about CCU’s sources of patients, and standard process of training for cardiac nurses and doctors, and gave positive comment on the medical care for emergency and critical patients of Xiangya Hospital’s Cardiovascular Department. She hoped that she could further the cooperation with Xiangya Hospital in clinical research of cardiovascular disease. 

Prof. Jyu-Lin Chen presented a lecture entitled "Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline: Principles and Guideline Development", in which she highlighted that the formulation of evidence-based nursing guideline should involve teams from different disciplines and follow PICO process. Taking diabetic foot nursing guideline as example, she explained the key points in research and development of clinical practice guideline. After the academic lecture, Director He Lianxiang hosted a specific nursing practice symposium, which delved into problems in specific nursing for intravenous therapy and diabetes and evidence-based clinical practice guideline research and development, along with literature system analysis, clinical nursing research, and paper writing. Prof. Jyu-Lin Chen also elaborated cases of clinical evidence-based practice in plain language. 

During this exchange and visit, the American experts spoke highly of the nursing accomplishment of Xiangya Hospital and expected further cooperation with it. 

Profile of the Expert:

Prof. Catherine Waters is associate dean of UCSF School of Nursing, and fellow of Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing of AHA and American Nurses Association. She became the chair in Community Nursing and Health Disparities in 2016. She concentrates on community-based participatory research, lifestyle health behaviors, advanced directives planning, population health, health equity and parity, etc. She has presided over 16 US and international cooperative research projects, and carried out thorough researches and surveys on chronic disease, blood-borne infectious disease, home care, community nursing, health-related nursing quality, maternal child feeding of different ethnic groups, etc. 

Jyu-Lin Chen is a professor of UCSF School of Nursing, chair in Global Health Nursing of University of California, and director of DNP program of UCSF. She focuses on research and development of new strategies for preventive measures against childhood obesity and reduction of global health disparity of noncommunicable disease in Asia, and has published more than 50 research papers. 



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