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Article of Prof. Li Wenzheng’s Team of Department of Radiology of Xiangya Hospital Selected as 2021 Top 10 Cited Articles in Radiology


Recently, Prof. David A. Bluemke, editor-in-chief of the top professional journal Radiology (IF=11.105), reviewed the published articles of 2021. The results were published in the “From the editor” column based on three key quantitative factors: Most Views, Highest Altmetric Scores, and Top Citations. The article titled “Tomoelastography Based on Multifrequency MR Elastography for Prostate Cancer Detection: Comparison with Multiparametric MRI” by the team of Prof. Li Wenzheng of Department of Radiology of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University was cited 8 times since its publication in March 2021 and was listed as top 10 cited articles of 2021 in Radiology. Only 3 of the selected papers were produced by Chinese scholars and the publication of Prof. Li Wenzheng was one of the few non-COVID-19-related top-cited articles.

The number of citations to a publication represents references from other articles in the scientific literature. It is a symbolic evaluation factor of the publication’s approval by other peers. A higher number of citations is related to higher scientific impact and greater peer recognition. The team of Prof. Li has been dedicated to the clinical research of abdominal magnetic resonance elastography (MR Elastography, MRE), which allows for quantification of tissue and organ stiffness through external excitation device (low-frequency shear wave) and provides an objective basis for effective evaluation. The above article systematically explored clinical MRE application in prostate diseases and improved the identification efficacy of magnetic resonance by differentiating peripheral zone prostate cancer from chronic prostatitis, and transition zone prostate cancer from benign prostatic hyperplasia. It also demonstrated the advantages of MRE in assisting the clinical detection of malignant tumors and laid the foundation for further research.

Currently, MRE was mainly used in the study of liver, kidney, spleen, prostate, and other parenchymal organs. The team of Prof. Li pioneered by applying MRE technology in the evaluation of abdominal hollow organs and of the association between rectal tumor stiffness, collagen, and tumor aggressiveness. The research findings were published in an original article titled “Rectal Tumor Stiffness Quantified by In Vivo Tomoelastography and Collagen Content Estimated by Histopathology Predict Tumor Aggressiveness” in Frontiers in Oncology (IF=6.244). The Department of Radiology of Xiangya Hospital is the sole affiliation of the corresponding author and the first-listed affiliation of the first author.


Prof. Li emphasized that members of Xiangya should dare do what others could not and would not to prioritize the needs of medical development. In recent years, Department of Radiology of Xiangya Hospital has been devoted to the development and application of new clinical imaging technology. The selected article by Prof. Li’s team as an annual top-cited article in Radiology demonstrated the wide recognition of high-level international teams for the Department of Radiology of Xiangya Hospital’s clinical research and strengthened fellow radiology researchers’ confidence and dedication. In the future, under the leadership of Xiangya Hospital, Department of Radiology shall continue enhancing clinically oriented technology R&D, improve academic influence and promote discipline development for the construction of a world-class Xiangya-style hospital with high patient satisfaction.

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