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2022 New Year's Message from Xiangya Hospital, Central South University


Dear colleagues, retired comrades, students and trainees, Xiangya alumni worldwide, and friends of all sectors of society:

While Spring gets closer, it’s a fresh start for the year ahead. As we are bidding a farewell to the unusual 2021, the hopeful 2022 is just around the corner. At this joyful moment when we are saying goodbye to 2021 and welcoming the new year, we would like to extend our best wishes to you all, and our sincere greetings to the colleagues who are still working on the frontlines to save lives and rescue the wounded, including our outsourced contractors, and to the students and trainees. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, alumni at home and abroad, friends from all walks of life and retired comrades who care about and support the development of our hospital.

We have been committed to our aspirations throughout the past year. In 2021, we have been making progress for advanced development and pursuing to be a first-class hospital in the world. Under the leadership of national ministries and commissions, Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Hunan Provincial People’s Government and Central South University, Xiangya Hospital was selected as one of the first “counseling” institutions with the highest priority in the establishment of national medical centers, and one of the first pilot institutions of national public hospitals for high-quality development. We started the construction of the new hospital campus that we have expected for long, laying a foundation for the new development pattern of “One Hospital, Two Campuses”. We believe the rejuvenation of the century-old Xiangya is just around the corner. Moreover, we have focused on developing "core technologies", and provided the world’s leading treatments for patients with severe aplastic anemia, monogenic diseases and diabetic renal failure. We have also continued to do our best to prevent and control COVID-19, and accelerated the establishment of a critical care center for major epidemics, integrating rapid examination, testing and treatment. Besides, we have delivered Xiangya’s high-quality medical resources to areas with relatively insufficient medical resources.

This year, we have improved hospital performance, and strived to lead in the forefront. We seized the opportunity to strengthen quality development and made new achievements with accelerated steps and leaps. In the performance assessment of the Grade III public hospitals, we ranked the 8th nationwide and the 1st in central China; we have been in top 10 in Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) Rankings for Chinese hospitals for three consecutive years; we climbed to 6th place in the top Chinese hospital ranking released by Fudan University in terms of scientific and academic prowess, where six of our disciplines were top 3 in China in terms of standardized value of scientific research, and our Dermatology and Clinical Pharmacy ranked the 1st in China. We produced 17 new national-level textbooks, and the Xiangya Clinical Skills Training Course won the National Excellent Textbook Award. The total number of national-level talents has reached a new record high as we have adhered to the strategy of “developing a strong talent pool”. The Xiangya-UPMC Clinicopathological Forum of Kidney Transplantation was successfully held, and the special issue of Xiangya was published in Nature. We have contributed new wisdom and strength to the building of a community of common health for mankind.

This year, we have delivered reliable services to the people and improved the quality of services. The surroundings around the hospital have been upgraded, with Xiangya Red Building decorated with flowers and surrounding streets neat and smooth. We have steadily advanced designated support, making medical services more easily accessible for people in border region between eastern Hunan and western Jiangxi. We  also have built Senior Friendly Hospital, and it has become a fashion to respect, love and help the elderly. We have continuously improved service efficiency, optimized process design, and expanded the scope of “pre-hospitalization” and daytime services, thus lowering the average length of stay and enabling more patients to enjoy quality medical services.

Looking into the past, we have experienced twists and turns and made satisfactory achievements; while looking ahead, we will continue to tackle obstacles and march forward to reach even greater goals. We must adhere to the “1-2-3-6-8” development strategy, promote the “3-3-5-4” high-quality development pattern, and step up to achieve high-quality development. With the strongest mental state, solid steps leaping over competitors and a positive attitude, we must advance the “No. 1 project” of building a national medical center, steadily promote high-quality development as a pilot hospital, continue to implement inspection and rectification, and open up a new pattern of high-quality development for the hospital.

The obstacles are like thousands of mountains, but as long as we strive to climb up, we will tackle all problems and reach the peaks. The journey will not be smooth to become a world-class hospital with Xiangya’s characteristics, and it can never be achieved overnight. We always believe that no matter how high the mountain is, as long as we never give up climbing, we can reach the peak; and that no matter how long the road is, we can reach the destination if we persist on marching forward. We sincerely hope that all of our faculty, staff and students will continue to work hard and achieve great results! We also hope that leaders at all levels, alumni at home and abroad, friends from all walks of life and retired comrades will continue your care and support for the development of Xiangya Hospital!

Time has left us with all the best! The bell for the new year is ringing. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year, and our country peace, flourishment and vitality.

Zhang Xin, Party Secretary; Lei Guanghua, President

Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

December 31, 2021

Xiangya Hospital Central South University
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