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Deputy Director Zhang Jinghui Invited to Deliver a Presentation at WoCoVa 2020

On April 29 and 30, the Global Vascular Access Network (GloVANet) held the World Congress Vascular 2021 (WoCoVA 2021) online. Zhang Jinghui, Deputy Director of Nursing Teaching and Research Section of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, was invited to deliver an academic presentation. She shared China’s achievements and experience in vascular access management and practice with experts and scholars from over 60 countries, including Italy, the UK, the US, Australia, Spain and Argentina. Her presentation was highly regarded by WoCoVA participants.

Intravenous therapy experts from all over the world gathered to share their experience in vascular access management, new strategies for prevention and treatment of vascular access complications, catheter tip tracking and positioning technology, application of wireless ultrasound and EKG technology, vascular access selection, chest wall port and arm port placement technology and safety management. More than 1,000 intravenous therapy professionals from all over the world registered and watched the live streaming of this online conference.

Deputy Director Zhang Jinghui delivered a special presentation on “The Global Committee in the World-China”. In addition, she gave lectures on the abstracts of two articles, namely “The application of intracavitary electrocardiogram for the tip localization of femoral vein catheters in chemotherapy patients with superior vena cava obstruction” and “Thrombotic risk factors in patients with superior vena cava syndrome undergoing chemotherapy via femoral inserted central catheter”. The special presentation focused on the roles that China plays in world vascular access research: “disseminator”, “practitioner” and “explorer”. Professor Zhang Jinghui introduced a series of explorations made by Chinese vascular access experts including the application of information technology in safe management of intravenous infusion based on the hospital proper and safe infusion early warning monitoring system, the development of which was led by Professor Gong Zhicheng from Xiangya Hospital, Central South University. During the online conference, Professor Zhang also focused on the whole-course management of Xiangya Hospital and the application of Internet + nursing service in the out-of-hospital management of catheters. In addition, Professor Zhang shared the experience of applying the information technology to the home care and extended care of the venous vascular access in China, including PICC whole-course management carried out by our patient service center and the “Xiangya eHealth Angel” App developed by the Nursing Department of Xiangya Hospital and the joint laboratory of the Ministry of Education - China Mobile Communications Corporation. This new nursing management model is significant for the improvement of nursing quality in China, and promotes the continuation of hospital care. In the following speech, Professor Zhang Jinghui shared the application of intracavitary electrocardiography in the positioning of femoral vein catheter tip for chemotherapy patients with superior vena cava obstruction and the analysis of risk factors for catheter-related thrombosis in patients with the need of femoral vein placement, which was highly regarded by the experts at the conference.

As reported, Global Vascular Access Network (GloVANet) was established in 2009, which is a multidisciplinary and multi-professional exchange platform on international vascular access science and practice organized by the alliance of the vascular access societies all over the world. GloVANet is dedicated to improving patients’ awareness of vascular access safety, preparing the quality standards, expert consensus, qualification accreditation and publication of papers, covering education, training and research with its ultimate goal to improve the management of vascular access care for patients worldwide. The GloVANet Special Committee consists of 36 members from the US, the Netherlands, China, Italy, the UK, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, the Republic of Korea, Portugal, Spain, the Philippines, India, Denmark, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. President Sun Hong, Chairman of the Intravenous Therapy Committee of Chinese Nursing Association, and Professor Zhang Jinghui, Head of Intravenous Therapy Group of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, are the members of the GloVANet Committee. (GloVANet official website: https://www.glovanet.com/frontpage/wocova-committees-2020/)

The WoCoVA Congress is organized by GloVANet and has been held every two years in the past with the mission of disseminating new theories, technologies, and evidence-based practical knowledge of vascular access, as well as providing opportunities for academic exchange among experienced professionals. It is expected that the 7th WoCoVA Conference will be held in Athens, Greece in March 2022. (WoCoVA official website: https://www.wocova.com/)

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