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Xiangya Hospital Cures the Thyroid Disease of Laotian Consul General in Changsha, Making a Contribution to Silk Road Development


Recently, under the careful treatment of Professor Chang Shi, Vice President of Xiangya Hospital Central South University, and his team, assisted by the coordination of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE) of the hospital, Ben Intabadi, Consul General of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in Changsha, who was attracted to the hospital by its reputation for treatment of thyroid disease, has recovered and been discharged from the hospital following a successful surgery. This has made an important contribution to the consolidation of the Sino-Lao friendship and the friendship between China and countries along the "Belt and Road".



In late April this year, the Consul General (CG) Ben Intabadi, who was diagnosed with thyroid disease, was attracted by the reputation of Xiangya Hospital and wished to come to the Hospital for medical treatment. The Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee immediately contacted and coordinated with the OICE of Xiangya Hospital. Chang Shi, Vice President of the Hospital in charge of international affairs and also an expert in general surgery, paid great attention to this and received the CG and performed operation for him in person.


After the operation, Zhang Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee, visited the CG on behalf of the hospital and learned in detail about the CG’s treatment process and health status, and wished him a speedy recovery. Secretary Zhang Xin said that Xiangya Hospital had always attached importance to international cooperation. In recent years, the Hospital has been actively responding to the national call in vigorously expanding contacts and exchanges with countries along the "Belt and Road". He thanked CG Ben Intabadi for his high level of trust and recognition of Xiangya Hospital and hoped that his medical experience would be the starting point of friendship between the Lao people and Xiangya Hospital.


CG Ben Intabadi expressed that Xiangya Hospital Central South University had a long-standing reputation, and he experienced in person the superb medical skills and quality service of Xiangya Hospital and felt the professionalism and sincerity of the Xiangya people, for which he was deeply grateful. With his recovery, he will strive to build a bridge of exchange and collaboration between Xiangya Hospital and Laos, facilitate cooperation in personnel training, joint research, and technology exchange, promote people-to-people contact between the two countries through medical and health cooperation, and join hands in making contributions to building a "shared community for human health".

Extended information:

In recent years, Xiangya Hospital has been actively responding to the "Belt and Road" Initiative of our country, expanding and promoting exchanges and cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road" based on the principle of "win-win cooperation and common development", and making positive contributions to promoting people-to-people exchanges between the province or even the country with countries along the "Belt and Road". From 2014 to 2019, Xiangya Hospital has invited and received 366 people from the "Belt and Road" countries for academic exchanges, administrative visits and further learning and training, covering 39 countries in five continents, including Italy, South Korea, Cambodia, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Panama, etc. In December 2020, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Xiangya Hospital Central South University won the honor title as the first "Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth Group of Hunan Province". In January 2021, Xiangya Hospital Central South University, as one of the two medical institution representatives in the province, was elected as a member of the Sixth Council of Hunan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

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