Chinese Journal of Infection Control
2014/4/6 16:42:33
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Chinese Journal of Infection Control


Chinese Journal of Infection Control (CN 43-1390/R , ISSN 1671-9638;Code No. 42-203) was started to publish in October 2002, it is responsible by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, sponsored by Central South University and undertaking sponsored by Xiangya Hospital of Central South University . Editorial board consists of famous domestic experts in infection control and hospital epidemiology, infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, immunology, clinical antimicrobial agents, intensive care medicine, and disinfection. The former editor-in-chief was professor Xu Xiuhua, the current editor-in-chief is professor Wu Anhua. It is a monthly journal.

Since April 2006, the journal has been one of the core Chinese periodicals in China Science and Technology Information Institute, it is included in American Chemical Abstract (CA), Russian Abstract Journal (AJ),  Western Pacific Region Index Medicus(WPRIM), China Biology Medicine ( CBM),China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Wangfang Database , and Chinese Medical Current Contents(CMCC) . The article  Study on the changing trends in national nosocomial infection transection investigation results published in the first issue of 2007 was selected as “ Top100 influential national academic papers in China in 2011”(released in December 2012 by China Scientific and Technological Information Research Institute).

In 2010, the website ( of journal was built, online manuscript submission and review system was established, which is convenient for submission, review, and reading, access has been increasing steadily. Up to December 26, 2013, access to the website is 44531 IP, access to page views is up to 107568 IP, individual IP visitor is 37659 .

The journal mainly involves new theory, new knowledge, new technology, new methods, and new achievements in prevention , diagnosis and therapy of healthcare-associated infection ,the contents cover clinical medicine, hospital epidemiology, clinical microbiology, healthcare-associated infection surveillance and control, clinical antimicrobial agents, as well as disinfection and sterilization. The main columns of the journal include expert commentary, original article, clinical research, experimental research, case report, review article, translated article, experience communication, and academic trends. Contributions from clinicians, nurses, laboratorians , professionals in healthcare-associated infection surveillance and control management, professionals in hospital epidemiological research, as well as professionals in disinfection and sterilization are sincerely welcomed.


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